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Ready to Immerse in the NFT Space?

Mr Pistachio is your long-awaited train to the land of fast-growing projects and warm communities. Seat firmly and prepare for the ride with the closest reflection of yourself in our collection and become the only owner of it.

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To keep the pace of community development and our work on benefits in progress, we have decided to limit the output of NFTs to 88. It is to be released weekly until the threshold of 8888 will be reached essentially marking somewhat the bulk of our foundational efforts, or upon selling out the previous batch, as a benchmark and incentive to bring all the plans to life.

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The Collection

Mr Pistachio is a collection seeking the best way to combine an immense stream of benefits with the team's desire to create. It is divided into batches of 88 that are issued upon sales or on a weekly basis with a maximum count of 8888. These sales are directed toward giving back to the community.


Though not all the perks are dependent on that. Works are already in progress to build a cross-chain gaming platform for gaming, with two games in the pipeline. The first one, Survival Heroes, is a real-time shooter with both campaign and multiplayer modes. The second one (Eria) is a clan-based racing mini-game. 

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  • Collaborations

  • Metaverse Events

  • Edible Merchandise

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What Are THE

  • Incubator

We will be putting efforts to expand our network of artists and influencers to launch meaningful collaborations and make the world tremble. It is said to  not only allow our community excel, but will bring in some lovely perks from other projects. Stay tuned as we will be having a lot.

We have set Sandbox as our primary aim, and as our community grows will be purchasing up land plots to provide a constant place for getting enjoyable quests and socials.

 We would like to share our success and experiences with community members who seek to build projects of their own. By providing funds and guiding through the technicalities of development we will help the shortlisted ones shine.

By introducing a coffee, popcorn and nuts line we believe to contribute to the greater good of Web 3.0. There are many people not aware of NFTs, but they would love to get their Pistachios. So we came up with a way to take away most obstacles and help people get their NFTs straight away by just buying our merch and scanning the QR code.

Any successful NFT collection aims to expand the original collection, and in this case, we are no different. We will keep adding new content and collections, and with you, we might bring life to our very own metaverse. Project whales will have a chance to mint for free. 

Survival Heroes Gameplay

Our founders always admired classic Indie games and wanted to launch their very own ones. We are working on not only a gaming platform to bring wider projects together but also to delight holders with in-house games to stay in their hearts.

  • State-of-Art Games

  • New Collections


The event will take place in one of the largest metaverses available for the community. Our aim is to provide Mr Pistachio fans with an opportunity to experience the whole collection during the event on the community’s very own land plot and share their experience (and because of that we are pretty much limited by Sandbox and Decentraland). To depict a few possibilities we have in mind a permanent gallery or series of metaverse-native quests. This land is to be expanded and later gradually distributed among and managed by members of the community. Locational specifics such as the preferred neighbourhood or unique in-game features are to be decided by the community.

We will launch a related spin-off collection in a 3D style that would be more sound with the new audiences that we are targeting. Some claim that 3D assets add on some realism, whilst opening the doors for new possibilities or value creation.

How it is possible to walk in Mr Pistachio's shoes? The most efficient and easy way is to experience the new game that allows the NFT holders to use their avatar as a key to access the game and be the very Mr Pistachio they bought while playing.

The merch will introduce a limited-edition collection featuring Mr Pistachio to our community. This experience will allow people to feel as a part of the community and share the vibe.

The real-life experience of a digital NFT collection that you can feel and touch with your hands. Our NFT holders will face a real opportunity to meet us and other Mr Pistachio fans, communicate with them personally and connect virtual and physical worlds through art. Locations are likely to be chosen based on member's votes, but due to team's geographic spread they will initially be conducted in London, Moscow, Barcelona or Almaty.

Our team is looking forward to support our community in launching their projects from the ab initio level to the advanced. We are going to choose the most promising projects from all the applications that will participate in our incubator. Those projects will be provided with step-by-step supervision, including such aspects as consultations, marketing process, aligning strategy, roadmap creation and financial support.

The release of a fun token of Mr Pistachio (PISTA) that would be actively used to drive the mechanics of our ecosystem and ease management of our community.


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Team Member Profile

Our Core Team 

We Are Not Doxxers

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Team Member Profile 3
Chameleon 2

Old Pistachio

Vano is a Georgian IT troll, inspired by the freedom of the decentralised nation used to be an angel investor and an NFT consultant.

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Founder of Stoned Tigers and a Project Manager for Mr Pistachio

Young Pistachio

UK-biased Rasul used to work in Fintech and accounting, where he got excited about the space. He recently joined the NFT side of things, but he likes to be on top.

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Discord Manager and Twitter Co-manager

Lady Pistachio

Vlada is a Spanish artist specialising in digital art and oil asses. She likes the things she is doing and wants to create more fascinating artworks.



Twitter Manager and Discord Co-manager

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