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 The latter, in the meantime, wanted to create a collection of art that could resemble a perfect balance of elegant art and the modern culture of collectables. They always felt romantic about the promise of liberty and immense possibilities offered by the digital realm that Web 3.0 finally managed to start solving. The collection incorporates a number of rare accessories and colourways that are due to only increase as our artist’s palette expands. Our created “universe” has only sprouted but it is to expand as new thematic experiences are on their way, and it has many things to excite the collectors.

Skin_1_(base)_🧠_Part_2 2.png

It came out as a remarkable coincidence as a simultaneous idea has come to Old Pistachio and Lady Pistachio. The former was thinking of the way of creating a bonded community that could cooperate and multiply the benefits coming from it in the form of an inexhaustible stream, yet being a welcoming structure for hardened crypto enthusiasts and newbies.

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